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How Will Offering Sublimated Products Profit Me?

Here are 7 excellent reasons laser printer sublimation will profit you-

  1. Ready Made Market - The sublimation process has been around over 20 years and has gotten better, each year, to the point that many actually prefer the look. Many of your existing and potential customers are already buying sublimated products. If you offer those products, they will buy from you.

  2. High Profit Margins - A recognized authority on the sublimation process stated, "If the need is to cheaply produce lots and lots of metal plates, there is no comparison with laser sublimation." Margins on materials range from 400% to 1000% and the extraordinary high speed of the process adds even more to the profit.

  3. Compatibility - According to research, customers look at any type of company that offers a printed or lettered product as an expert. The credibility of the company is already established. This makes laser sublimation very compatible because it is just a different process of lettering and printing.

  4. Add On Sales - Most customers only want a specific quantity of what you offer, and you can't change that. The low cost, high-speed productivity of laser printer sublimation also allows the opportunity to produce "impulse buy" gifts, which are not personalized (that is why nearly every retailer in the world, from restaurants to department stores, have those type of items around the cash register). For ideas, check out "Sublimation Success Stories" on this site and our teaching/resource site. Many issues of our sublimation business newsletter "Toner Times" also have ideas.

  5. Flexibility - Most companies who sell the finished products of others (and even companies who offer only engraving) have been caught in a "time" bind. At best, their customer wanted something so fast, rush charges killed their profits or, at worst, the company couldn't provide anything at all. Laser printer sublimation offers such a diversity of ability and possibility that you will always have a chance to offer something: at a good profit. See "Sublimation Success Stories" on this site.

  6. Related "cross selling"- Today's customer demands convenience and fast service. Smart professionals are catering to that demand. Award companies are selling ad specialties; branch banks are locating in grocery stores; vinyl sign companies are offering engraving, quick-print shops are doing T-shirts; discount department stores are selling food; ad specialty companies are cashing in by offering personalized products. Customers like the convenience of "one stop shopping" and respond by buying more.

  7. Low start- up costs - Even if you have nothing but a computer, and must buy everything else, it'll still be under $1,500. That even includes basic inventory. Low start-up cost means that you start making money faster that can go into your pocket or put back into your business, for faster growth. See "Investment Costs."

Although it may not be a reason to actually get into the sublimation printing business, we do offer our customers another benefit - us! We have a lot of knowledge and "real-world" experience in this industry and are totally committed to customer service excellence.

We maintain six regularly updated information web sites to help our friends and customers. We also publish the industry's only free sublimation business newsletter, "Toner Times". A free subscription is yours for the asking.

While we are discount distributors for the rugged HIX heat presses (see our HIX heat press, section for a listing of their flatbed, cap and mug presses) our primary product is the dye sublimation laser cartridge that makes the whole process work. However, we are also a knowledgeable source for everything else you may need. From production tips to sales ideas to equipment and material sources - we will not only help you, but also even help you get set up.