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Alpha Supply Company presents
An introduction into the sublimation business

To help you the most, read the next three paragraphs closely.

Most new visitors do not know that there are three different types of sublimation. Each type is best suited for specific types of products.

Listed below are the three types of sublimation and examples of the types of products that they decorate. Click on the box for details.

Each box is a gateway to a tutorial website, written by Alpha Supply Co. founder, author and 43 year business veteran, Jack Franklin.

Inkjet Sublimation Color Laser Sublimation
Heat Transfers Black Laser Sublimation

Greetings! This is a branch of the Alpha Supply teaching/resource web site "the sublimation transfer printers on-line resource". We have specially prepared this sublimation business site for our award, specialty, sign, printing, SOHO and other business friends, to help them evaluate the many business opportunities found in the sublimation transfer printing business.

Included in the information is an overview of laser printer sublimation, the specific costs and equipment needed, to successfully begin your sublimation business and a collection of "Success Stories" that demonstrate the many uses. Our main site at provides technical and production details.

According to our marketing research, if you already have an existing business, an astounding percentage of your existing customer base is already buying sublimated products for their business needs.

On the other hand, if you are starting a new business it is nice to know that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Sublimated products have been around quite some time and there is already an existing market.

Starting a sublimation transfer business offers many advantages. Start up cost is very low. The learning curve is quite simple. Production cost is very low. Productivity is very high and profit margins even higher.

In addition, the multi-use flexibility of the process creates many other opportunities in this very simple to learn and highly profitable business.

After reviewing this section of our web site, we invite you to visit our main teaching/information resource area for even more detailed information and evaluation.

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